About Us

Emens Furniture Metal has managed to take its place among the leading companies of the sector in a short time with its investments, quality, and unconditional customer satisfaction principle.

Our company, which is centered in Kayseri, produces different solutions for the demands of the sector with the professional crew of furniture.

Emens Furniture Metal provides aesthetic, functional and good quality products to its customers and business partners all the time. Our biggest advantages are creating special size furniture according to customer’s demand and designing all the furniture with our team inventively.

Emens Furniture Metal follows the world furniture technologies closely and it uses the transformative power of technology as professionals.

We continue our Ar-Ge and technology investment studies to serve better and to increase our product range even more and to take part in the international market besides the national market.

For us, designs affect people, they change the perspective of life and self-image.

Emens Mobilya Metal Emens Mobilya Metal
Emens Mobilya Metal
Emens Mobilya Metal

Policy Of Quality

In the furniture industry, it is our company policy to provide high-quality service in a planned and continuous system by closely following the technology with the awareness of continuous improvement, using environmental conditions well and ensuring the safety of raw materials, including trained personnel and teamwork. At the forefront, it integrates customer trust and satisfaction.